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Specialty Training Packages

Good Dog is here to help with any behavioral need. Our Specialty Training Packages are perfect for those needing help beyond basic obedience skills, such as behavior modification or reactivity.


Behavior Adjustment Package

6 private lessons + 6 day training sessions


This package is perfect for dogs that have dog reactivity and want to work towards a more confident and comfortable dog around other dogs.

Bootcamp Package

4 private lessons + 20 day training sessions



Our most advanced and comprehensive package - it's the best way to cover all training bases. Addresses basic obedience and foundational behavioral needs, and polishing up already acquired skills.


Puppy Package

8 Full Day Training Sessions


This is the perfect fit for any puppy between the ages of 3 months and 8 months! It is a full month of training, starting the first week of each month. It includes 8 full days of day training. The day training sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 am to 3 pm. You would drop your dog off, and we work on basic puppy training, including basic commands and proper play with other dogs.

Confidence Booster Package

4 private lessons + 8 half day training sessions


This package is for our anxious dogs! The goal is to build your dog's confidence with the world around them, and get proper socialization with other dogs. This package includes 4 private lesson, 2 days of PM or AM (based on availability and your preference) half day training per week for 4 weeks. The package will start with a private lesson. This gives your dog the opportunity to build a bond with one of our trainers and gives you the foundational skills that we will build on in day training. The half days of day training will be twice a week from 8:00-12:00.  Finally, the once a week lesson will involve you directly in the training. It helps translate the work that we do in day training to your real life and the everyday challenges, while continuing that key socialization.

Dog training done differently.

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