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The Full Story

Our history

Good Dog Enrichment and Training was founded in November of 2020 by head trainer Cait Patton. Cait has worked in and around the dog-related industry for most of her life. With over 20 years of hands-on training experience, Cait has both observed and practiced the various types of dog training methodology to help hone her knowledge and direction in the training field. 


After seeing the most oft-used, traditional training practices implemented time and time again, Cait decided to do things differently: use science-based methodology to make a holistic, research-driven approach the new standard of dog training practice. With the advent of Good Dog Enrichment and Training, she’s at the forefront of upending this historically male-dominated, balance-training-centric industry by instead acknowledging and focusing on the unique nature of each dog. Just like people, no two dogs are alike. Instead of using a basic, “one-size fits all” approach most commonly seen with other training companies, the Good Dog philosophy prioritizes the individualistic needs and temperaments of each dog they train. Under Cait’s leadership, Good Dog has quickly revolutionized the dog training industry to become St. Louis’ premiere leader in providing strictly force-free and science-based training. 



By putting mental health at the forefront of what we do, Good Dog provides the highest quality of holistic training and enrichment through strictly force-free and bond-based methods. 


Our vision is to make this methodology the new industry standard, so that dog training practice no longer includes the use of force, fear, or intimidation.


Dog training done differently.

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