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day training

Our most popular training service

Day training is perfect for achieving individual training goals unique to your pup.  It can be booked as part of a package, single day service, or incorporated as part of one our Specialty Training Packages. Whether it's just some basic obedience or if your pup needs help with a specific behavioral issue, dropping your dog off with Good Dog Enrichment and Training for the day, may be a great option for you. Each dog gets play time, enrichment, exercise, and training throughout the day.


Day training is by appointment only. 

Day training is only sold in packages since it takes more than 1 session to establish the necessary training foundations.


Need training for a particular behavior? Check out our Specialty Training Packages!

New to the Good Dog Way? 
Get 50% off 1 Day Training Trial Day to ensure it's the right fit for your pup. 

*Offer only applies to new clients

Day Training Packages

  • Basic Package

    (Four Day Training Days Total)
    • *This package DOES NOT include a Private Lesson
    • Two days a week, you pick the days!
  • Intermediate Package

    (Six Sessions Total + One Private Lesson)
    • *Inlcudes 1 Private Lesson
    • *3 days a week, you pick the days!
  • Advanced Package

    (Ten Sessions Total + Two Private Lessons)
    • *Includes 2 Private Lessons
    • *Full Week- Five Days Straight, M-F (10 Sessions Total)
  • Half Day Package

    4 half day training sessions
    Valid for 2 years
    • Half Day Training
  • Bootcamp

    20 day training (1 full month) + 4 Private Lessons
    • *Bring Monday-Friday for an entire month
    • *Includes 4 Private Lessons
  • Single Day of Day Training

    Applies for full days only.
    • This is a single day that is not included in any packages.
  • Puppy Package

    2 full days a week (you pick the days) for 4 weeks- 8 days total.
    • 8 Full Day Training specifically geared for puppies
  • Behavioral Adjustment Package

    Six Sessions of Day Training with Six Private Lessons
    • Geared to work on behavior modification such as reactivity.
  • Confidence Booster Package Half Days

    For our shyer pups that need a confidence boost! 8 half days and 4 Private Lessons
    • Confidence Booster Package
    • Day Training- PM Half Day
    • Day Training- AM Half Day
  • Trial Day Training Day

    Not sure if your pup will be a good fit? Book a trial day to test it out!
    • Applicable for new clients only.
  • Refresher Package 5 Day

    No expiration but must have completed a previous package
    • 5 full days of day training
  • Refresher Package 10 Day

    No expiration but must have completed a previous package
    • 10 full days of day training

Dog training done differently.

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