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Our Core Values


Good Dog Enrichment and Training uses science-based training and enrichment approaches to build the communication between dog and handler to elicit the desired behavior without compromising the dog’s emotional well-being. From basic skills to advanced behavioral modification for severe aggression issues, Good Dog knows how to help you and your 4-legged friend achieve your training goals together. 

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At the heart of our training philosophy are the following principles:

Utilize only scientifically-based, research-driven, force free training methods.

Prioritize the mental health of people and dogs alike; all training methods are fun, positive, and enrichment-based. Fear is never a part of a successfully trained or a “well-behaved” dog.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, each with their own individual set of needs, so every training plan is uniquely tailored to each dog.

Effective communication with your pet is key; we educate owners on their pet’s communication style to not only accomplish training goals but to strengthen and deepen the bond between pets and their people.

In order to ensure reliable behavior, we provide real world-based training by practicing outside, at the park, and in other places pets and their people might need the training most. Preparing for real life situations and distractions is how we proof and prepare our dog’s skills.

Dog training done differently.

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