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the Good Dog Shelter & Rescue Program

Good Dog Enrichment and Training is partnering with local shelters and rescues to build the foundation for some dogs that are super close to our hearts. These dogs are a part of a program called The Good Dog Shelter & Rescue Program, which is a group of long timer shelter dogs that will do best with some training to set them up for success when transitioning to a new home. Our trainers currently visit and work with these dogs at their respective shelters on a weekly basis. Once adopted, they have a trainer who already knows them and what they've been working on! We will be sponsoring the adoption fee for these dogs, which means $0 adoption fee for the future families of these sweet dogs. In addition, we will provide FREE private training lessons to the adopters. We hope we can find homes for these dogs that love them as much as we do! 

 current shelter program pups available for adoption

Shelter Program
Success Stories

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