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Liability Release Form

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I understand dog training can include risks to the dog itself, other dogs, and the humans involved. I assume all risks associated with dog training and trust the care, judgment, and protocols set in place by Good Dog Enrichment and Training.

I understand minor scratches or scrapes can result if my dog participates in play groups. I know Good Dog will notify me of any incidents and I agree to assume all risks including treatment of injury if necessary for my dog.

If Good Dog believes my dog needs to be seen by a vet immediately and they have not been able to reach me, I hereby agree to allow them to take my dog to the nearest vet and authorize treatment up to the amount entered below.

I have made Good Dog aware of all behavioral, dietary, allergy, or other health relates issues to the best of my knowledge.

I understand bringing my dog into an environment in which other dogs are present can run the risk of my dog catching viruses from contact with other dogs. I agree to make Good Dog aware if my dog was exposed to any viruses/sicknesses and I also agree to keep my dog home if they begin to show symptoms of any type of illnesses.

I give Good Dog permission to take my dog(s) off the property of 3801 Wyoming St, St. Louis MO 63125, for training purposes deemed appropriate.

I agree that Good Dog may post/use pictures and videos of my dog online for website or marketing materials.

I agree to pay all services prior to the appointment date or by the end of the appointment time. I also understand no future services or appointments will be booked until all past due balances are paid in full. Additional fees may incur for each day a payment has not been recieved.

Pick up Late Fees: Failure the pick up your dog up within the pick up time provided or arrange for transportation in advanced will result in a late fee. The fee will be determined by the time allotted since the pick up time. I agree and accept these terms.

Cancelation Policy: Failure to notify of cancellation will result in a full charge of the service as planned. One week prior can obtain a full refund and two business days prior can receive a partial refund. Anything else will result in a full charge. I agree and accept these terms.

I agree that while lengthy and overly cautious, I did in fact read all of the above terms and do hereby release liability of Good Dog of the above mentioned dog(s).

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